Commerce City Tooth Extraction

tooth-extractionA tooth extraction may be necessary if you have a tooth that is infected, damaged or problematic. Commerce City Family Dentist Office offers tooth extraction with as little pain as possible. Our dentists work with clients to find the best solutions to optimize oral health. Tooth extraction may be the best option when there is tooth damage such as; a decayed or abscessed tooth that cannot be helped with other methods or when there is an infection severe enough that a root canal cannot preserve the natural tooth. Tooth crowding may problematic if you are getting braces put on and tooth extraction may be necessary to create space for corrective teeth alignment. If you have teeth that are blocking other teeth from coming in your dentist may recommend tooth removal to make room for new growth. If there is not enough room for the growth of wisdom teeth an extraction may be necessary.

At Commerce City Family Dentist our priority is to maximize oral health and we strive to minimize pain during tooth extraction procedures. There are two main procedures for extraction:

Simple extraction which uses localized anesthetics to numb the area around the tooth and the process is very minimal and quick. Simple extraction is suitable when the tooth that needs to be removed is fully showing and intact to be carefully removed all at once. During this process you may feel slight pressure or pulling, but for most client it is relatively painless.

Surgical extraction may be necessary if the tooth has not fully grown in or is larger than usual, and the tooth or roots need to be extracted from the gum. If a problematic tooth has been broken or damaged below the gum line and cannot be easily removed all at once. A surgical procedure will involve a heavier anesthetic, which your dentist will determine how to administer to keep the procedure relatively painless.

Benefits of tooth extraction include:
-Immediate pain relief: in cases of tooth injury or infection, having the tooth extracted can relieve pressure and inflammation from the surrounding gums.

-Gum protection: when a problematic tooth is removed it can prevent the gums and surrounding area from further damage and allow the tissue to heal.

-Daily comfort: if a tooth is being removed because of tooth crowding the extraction will create more room for the surrounding teeth to comfortably spread out, incoming teeth to grow in, or room for corrective alignment. In all cases tooth extraction will increase daily function and comfort.

Our professionals at Commerce City Family Dentist understand that self-care is essential when healing from dental procedures. We encourage clients who are getting teeth extracted not to smoke on the day of the procedure or during the healing process, to eat soft foods, and avoid sucking or spitting to protect the healing tissue. Using caution and care in daily brushing and flossing can help the area to heal faster. Our Commerce City Family Dentist Office provides comprehensive attention to each client in choosing the best procedure and discussing aftercare.

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