Commerce City Root Canal Treatment

Commerce City Family Dentist provides root canal treatments to restore the health of natural teeth and improve overall oral health. Root canal treatment may the best option to preserve tooth structure if the internal tissue is damaged, decayed or infected. Commerce City Family Dentist understands that each set of teeth is unique and we take care in diagnosing dental issues and recommending treatment based on each client’s needs.

Teeth are made up of three layers of tissue:

COMMERCE CITY ROOT CANAL TREATMENT -enamel is the outer layer that makes chewing and daily function possible
-dentin is the middle layer of porous tissue
-pulp is the inner layer which is housed in the root canal and consists of nerves and connective tissue.
The pulp connects the tooth to the roots and gums and provides sensory information to the rest of the mouth. Root canal treatment may be necessary to preserve a tooth that is decaying or damaged or if there is an infection in the root canal. Heightened sensitivity to temperatures, inflammation of the gums or mouth pain could indicate an infection.

Root Canal: An alternative to pulling or replacing teeth

Root canal treatment is used as an alternative to pulling or replacing teeth and can be beneficial because it preserves the natural tissue and tooth structure. Most people who opt for this method do so without any pain and overall results are healthier teeth and gums. This process takes places over one or two visits to our Commerce City office. Our dentist Dr. Brandon Braud and Dr. Elizabeth Salazar understand the importance of a healthy smile and you will be in good hands for your treatment.

During a root canal treatment the pulp of the tooth is removed and the canal is cleaned and sealed to prevent further infection or gum damage. After the pulp is removed a filling is used to seal the tooth and protect the health of the natural tooth. When the pulp is removed any pain will be relieved and the day-to-day function of the tooth will resume. There may be a few days of sensitivity after the treatment and reducing the amount of chewing in the localized area can speed the healing process and help insure success of the repair. At Commerce City Family Dentist our priority is helping clients to maintain optimum oral health. We recommend daily brushing and flossing as well as regular dentist visits to keep your teeth healthy.

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