Commerce City Periodontal

COMMERCE CITY PERIODONTISTDr. Braud, Dr. Salazar and Dr. Theriot is our on-site dentist at Commerce City Family Dentist. Periodontal disease is dangerous because it usually does not have symptoms until it poses serious dental and health problems. A dentist can detect early stages and identify ways to help reverse the progression of periodontal disease. The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis which often goes undetected without symptoms. Without adequate dental care gingivitis can progress into periodontitis which causes inflammation of the mouth tissue and can lead to tooth loss or permanent damage.   Periodontal disease is entirely preventable with daily care and regular dental visits. There are many risk factors that increase chances of periodontal disease such as; smoking, drinking coffee or wine, and clenching or grinding teeth. For clients who are at high risk or experience bleeding of the gums or sensitivity while brushing it is recommended to follow up with a dentist. Other risk factors include: -Stress: when the body experiences frequent stress it compromises oral health -Age: during the aging process our bones and gum tissue undergo changes that increase the risk tooth loss and gum disease. -Nutrition: providing your body with the nutrients it needs improves the quality of teeth and gums -Medications: some medications may have effects on oral health

The Stages of Periodontal Disease

1. Healthy


2. Gingivitis

Periodontal Pockets

3. Periodontal Pockets

4. Periodontitis

Our dentist provides a full spectrum of periodontal care including preventative care to treatment of advanced problems. Daily care of your teeth and gums will maintain overall oral health and prevent periodontal disease. We work with our clients to determine daily dental habits that will yield the best results. Call us at 303-289-2831 to take action towards better dental health with the help of our dentist, Dr. Theriot .   Commerce City Family Dentist is proud to service the Commerce City, Westminster, Thornton, Stapleton, Northglen and Denver metro area.