Commerce City Pediatric Dentistry

Commerce City Pediatric DentistryCommerce City Family Dentist provides pediatric dentistry to meet the needs of working with whole families, including your little ones. Like adults, children should visit the dentist every six months.

We recommend that your child’s first visit to a dentist begin by his or her first birthday. By this time, several of your child’s teeth have already emerged.  Our dentists are trained in working with children to meet their oral hygiene needs.

Bringing your child to a dentist starts good oral habits early on. Oral health is an extremely important part of your child’s overall health and wellbeing. While primary teeth (also known as baby teeth) will eventually fall out, they are still susceptible to cavities and other oral hygiene concerns. Bringing your child to the dentist can detect early signs of dental diseases, as well as bring up any concerns for orthodontic care in the future.

Do you know why baby teeth are important?

Commonly known as “baby teeth,” primary teeth are important for a number of developmental reasons:

  • Allowing your child to chew food
  • Significantly impacting speech development
  • Saving space for permanent teeth as your child is still growing
  • Supporting face structure

Pediatric Dentistry for Correcting Habits

Commerce-City-Pediatric-DentistryIn addition to your child’s oral hygiene concerns, dentists can also help prevent or correct unhealthy oral behavior such as improper nursing habits, use of pacifiers, thumb sucking, and inappropriate use of sippy cups.

Your child’s overall dental health with be assessed in his or her first session.

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