Commerce City Oral Surgery

oral-surgeryCommerce City Dental provides oral surgery solutions to solve a variety of dental problems. From minor discomfort to major dental work- Commerce City Dental will work to find the best solution for each smile. Abscessed or severely decayed teeth may require surgical extraction to restore health in the gums and teeth. Oral surgery is used to extract problematic teeth when necessary and to prepare clients for other dental procedures, dentures or to make room for health teeth alignment. In some cases surgical extraction of problematic teeth is all that is needed to correct alignment issues or relieve pain. Alveoplasty, a surgical procedure that smooths the jawbone, may be required when surgical extraction of teeth leaves a hole in the jawbone. Alveoplasty may help prepare the jaw for additional dental work, like dentures, because it provides a smooth surface.
Commerce City Family Dental strives to find the oral surgery option to meet the needs of each client. Surgical extraction and alveoloplasty are sometimes necessary for the removal of wisdom teeth.
Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in and often create dental issues for the client. Depending on how they grow in, Wisdom teeth can cause misalignment of the teeth and pain throughout the jaw and mouth. Wisdom teeth removal often require surgical extraction when the teeth don’t have room to fully come through. Wisdom tooth extraction will require a local or general anesthetic in order to numb the client and make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

oral-surgery.2We generally recommend not eating anything the night before having oral surgery. Our dentists give each client detailed after-care instructions such as:

-Taking it easy after having oral surgery
-Keeping gauze pads over the area to protect anything from getting in the wound and to help blood clots forms.
-Eating soft or liquid foods to allow healthy formation of blood clots where the tooth has been removed and to protect stitches if any have been used.
-Not smoking or using a straw for at least 24 hours after the extraction, as the sucking could cause the blood clot to come loose resulting in a painful infection known as, dry socket.
-Avoiding touching the area with tongue or fingers

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