Commerce City Dentures

Commerce City Family Dental provides quality dental services for clients needing dentures and teeth replacement. Making the decision to get dentures is a big choice and we understand the importance of quality dental care in helping clients to make well informed decisions. We provide specialized care to determine whether dentures will be the best choice in order to restore optimum oral health. When it is decided that the best option for the client is dental implants the results will be astonishing. When teeth are broken, missing or damaged it can compromise the health of the surrounding tissue and overall health of the client. Once the teeth are removed and replaced with customized dentures the client’s overall health will change drastically. There are different options available for dental implants.

-The traditional approach involves removing the teeth and giving the gums time to heal before implanting the customized dentures. This method requires the client to spend the duration of the healing time without teeth. The benefits to this method are that once the dentures are implanted there could be fewer adjustments and less discomfort.

-The immediate approach involves removing the teeth and implanting the customized dentures right away. During the healing process there will be frequent visits to our Commerce City Family Dental office to adjust the dentures as the gums will naturally move and shift during the healing process. The benefit would naturally be that the client would not have to go a period of time without teeth.
Our practitioners at Commerce City Family Dental recognize that each client has unique needs when it comes to dentures and dental implants. The key is to select the method that works best for the unique needs of the client. No matter which method is implemented, it is important to build a working relationship with the dental provider in order get the best results from the dental implants.

Commerce City Family Dentist is proud to service the Commerce City, Westminster, Thornton, Stapleton, Northglen and Denver metro area.