Commerce City dental crowns and bridges

We offer a solution based approach to dental health for our community in Commerce City. Crowns and bridges might be the best solution for your dental issues. Commerce City Family Dentis offers crowns and bridges as corrective and cosmetic solutions for teeth that are missing or damaged. Crowns and bridges are permanent fixtures that preserve the structure and alignment of teeth. There are several ways that crowns and bridges can be combined to strengthen the areas of your bite that have been compromised by tooth damage.

crownsCrowns and bridges are used to improve function and enhance aesthetic of your teeth and mouth. Crowns are a porcelain or ceramic covering that protect teeth from further damage. Crowns can be installed on either side of a missing tooth to to serve as an anchor for the bridge to adhere to.

Bridges are used to permanently replace missing teeth, rather than the removable alternatives, dentures or partials. Bridges permanently fill in space where teeth are missing to avoid shifts in bite and alignment. They are cemented to surrounding teeth to secure and strengthen the implanted material. This is why crowns are often installed on either side of the bridge to provide a supportive base. Our dentists at Commerce City Family Dentist install crowns and bridges by removing existing tooth material that is damaged or unhealthy. The existing teeth must be sized down so the crown can provide a full “cap” over the tooth, and for a bridge we remove as much material as possible to provide a strong base for tooth alignment.

Commerce City crowns and bridges are ideal for candidates who have missing or damaged teeth that a compromising function, comfort and appearance. Our crowns and bridges offer a multitude of combinations to solve almost any dental issue. Clients often prefer these procedures because they do not have to be removed and will provide lasting wear when maintained with the same care as you would to preserve natural teeth.

Commerce City family Dentist crowns and bridges are a customized option to improve overall dental health for clients. During a consultation that dentists in our office will recommend a solution that is best for the client. We want to inform our clients about their dental options and we work with individuals to optimizing health and confidence in their smiles.
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