Commerce City Bad Breath/Halitosis

bad_breathOfrecemos un enfoque basado en la solución a la salud dental para nuestra comunidad en Commerce City. Bad breath, also referred to as halitosis, affects a huge percentage of people. Many people who are affected do not know they are affected or simply think that bad breath is a normal part of life. This is why we, stress the importance of daily care and routine visits to the dentist for cleaning and check-ups. Bad breath and halitosis can indicate more serious dental issues within the teeth, gums and surrounding tissue. If you are experiencing persistent or prolonged bad breath, we can work with you on treatment and daily recommendations.

Even clients who practice recommended oral hygiene regimens can be affected by bad breath and halitosis. In these cases, bad breath can be a symptom of a deeper problem such as gum disease or oral infection. Our Commerce City Family dentists will work with the client to determine whether or not there is an underlying cause contributing to bad breath and halitosis. For more aggressive bad breath and halitosis our dentist can prescribe toothpastes and mouthwashes that are higher in strength than over the counter products. If the symptoms are the result of gum disease it might be necessary to see a periodontist.

Bad breath and halitosis are caused by a variety of factors and has a variety of solutions. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking coffee and eating pungent foods (like onions, garlic, tuna, etc.) can all cause bad breath. Bad breath that is caused by foods or drinks can be lessened by brushing teeth after every meal, flossing at least once a day or more as needed, and brushing the tongue to remove bacteria left from foods. Halitosis can be the result of too much bacteria building up on the tongue, in which case gentle tongue scraping with a toothbrush or can aid.

Dry mouth, or lack of saliva production in the mouth, is a common cause of bad breath that often affects tobacco users. Quitting tobacco use will help alleviate bad breath and improve overall oral health. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will decrease bad breath, adequate hydration will help keep the mouth salivated. Other remedies for bad breath and halitosis that can be used throughout the day are chewing sugarless/sugar-free gum or a chewing natural alternative of mint or parsley leaves. Artificial saliva can be prescribed to help keep the mouth salivated.

Commerce City Family Dentist works with each individual client to find the root cause of dental issues and works on external and internal factors to optimize oral health. During your visit we will ask questions to get a broad view of the factors influencing your dental health and we want to find solutions that work best for you. We also believe in educating our clients on the treatment, procedure and follow-up care that will give them the best results from their visit.

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